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Issue seven is finally here! 70+ pages of artwork, thought pieces, creative writing and photography - all about concepts of vanity and muses.

In this issue, you'll find everything: self-portraits through photography and fine art, long-form poetry that self-indulges, encounters of true beauty, poetry on black love, visions of the empress tarot card, and much more!

The quality of work is incredible. Thank you for supporting sweet-thang by buying this issue. All proceeds go back into running the zine, funding printing and future projects. sweet-thang is a submissions-based, entirely volunteer-run platform. Your support is so vital <3

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Artists + Instagram handles/web links

Funmi Lijadu / @artbyfunmi
Nambi Kiyira / @a_la_nambi
Kenia Hale / @KeniaIsCreating
Sihle Keswa / @silhecore
Dae Reynolds / @hyssopd
Elia diane Fushi Bekene / @selflove_tribute
Nadira nadiraxrene.com
Kirsty Bekoe-Tabiri https://www.kkbekoe.com/
Chioma Onwuezobe / @chioma.nma
Temi Olafunmiloye / @unruly.sun_
Sena Appeah / @sena_a_art
Mali McGrath / @malimcgrath
Alicia Abieyuwa Bergamell / @anomalissia
Véronique R veroniquehall.com
Gabrielle Cole gabriellecole.carrd.co
Ashleigh Genus / @themeltedmind
Cleopatra Thompson / @cleo.jahina
Phoenix Yemi / @oyaphoenix
Laura Hackshaw / @lhackshaw
Kobi Axel
Pip Fisher / @poetry_by_pip
Jahia LaSangoma
Nancy ArtMusic / @nancy.art.music